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Jan Laflèche

We are sad to learn the death of Mr. Jan Laflèche, our genealogist, who passed away peacefully at the Montfort Hospital in Ottawa on December 30th, 2012 at the age of 65.
The Funeral Mass was held at St-Gabriel Roman Catholic Church, 55 Appleford Street, Ottawa on Tuesday January 8, 2013 at 11 a.m.

Did you know!!!

We have found the baptism record for Vincent Laflèche.
Born on January 31st, 1812 in Laval, paroisse St-Vincent de Paul de l'Île Jésus, baptised on February 1st, 1812 at the same location.
Here is the original document and the transcribed text:

"Le premier de février, mil huit cent douze par nous prêtre sousigné, curé de cette paroisse a été baptisé un garçon qui a été nommé Vincent, né de la veille du mariage de Jean-Baptiste Laflèche, laboureur, et de Marie-Suzanne Sicard son épouse demeurant en la paroisse de Ste-Rose. Le parain a été Louis de Corne et la maraine a été Marie Labelle qui ainsi que le père ont déclaré ne savoir signer due requis. Fr. Bégin, ptre"


August 2009

It was a pleasure to attend the 3rd General Annual Assembly of the Association des Brassard d'Amérique on August 29, 2009, at Ile d'Orléans and meet some Brassard descendants.

Did you know!!!

Pierre I was from the Carignan-Salières regiment.

Did you know!!!

June 11th 2006 will mark the 370th anniversary of the arrival in New-France of Antoine Brassard and his wife Françoise Méry, parents of our Dorothée Brassard, wife of Pierre Richer dit Laflèche.

December 2005

The excursion to Fort Covington took place last September 17. See here for details and pictures.

June 2004

The Second Family Reunion to be held on July 31st and August 1st, 2004 has been cancelled because of a lack of participants. We hope that we will be able to offer other activities in the near future.

April 2004

Don't miss the summer 2004 family reunion! Look here for details of the invitation. See also some pictures of the 1999 reunion. This year the reunion will take place at the J.R. Brisson Complex in Casselman.
The web site has a new cleaner look and the family tree has been updated.

July 2003

Access the surveys that will allow us to determine the interest of the members for certain activities and to plan ahead for 2004.
A suvey on a possible trip to France and Italy and another on a family reunion in the summer of 2004 are available here.

February 2002

Welcome to the Richer dit Laflèche Family Association web site.
This site was created in 1999 to prepare the first Richer-Laflèche family reunion and was used subsequently for the creation and the launching of the family book in 2000 and 2001.
For 2002, it is now the official site of the brand new Richer dit Laflèche Family Association. Along with its new look, it now has its own domain name:

On top of finding valuable information on many different subjects, you can also get a book on the greater Richer dit Laflèche family and a souvenir of the 1999 reunion at a low cost. You will also find information on the association, a family tree containing more than 11000 individuals, historic facts on certain ancestors, information on the coat of arms and a search engine.

The first association newsletter is scheduled to appear in April 2002 and will be sent to members by postal mail. It will then be published three times a year thereafter.

We hope, as much as possible, to keep up to date information on this site and make it more dynamic. New items will appear on this page, so be sure to visit regularly.
And of course is you have any suggestions...

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