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Pierre I Richer

Pierre came to New-France with more than 1,200 soldiers from the Carignan-Salière Regiment, who had been requested to King Louis XIV in order to fight the Iroquois.

From: Michel Langlois, Carignan-Salière 1665-1668, (page 453)
RICHER Pierre dit Laflesche:
He arrived in Québec city on August 18, 1665 abord the ship "l'Aigle d'or" (Golden Eagle) as a soldier of captain Grandfontaine's company. Son of Jean Richer and Marie Gallardé of Saint-Pierre de Thouarcé, bishopric of Angers, in Anjou, France, he signs a marriage contract before Mr. Duquet, notary public, on Saturday September 5th, 1671 with Dorothé Brassard, daughter of Antoine Brassard and Françoise Méry. He marries her on Monday October 5th, 1671. They will have twelve children.
He establishes himself in Québec City, at Saint-Charles River, on a piece of land given to him by the Jesuit Fathers on January 15, 1671. He marries a few months later. The following November 25th, Louise Mousseaux, wife of Pierre Pellerin, rents to him and to Nicolas Barbotain, for two years, a farm on the St-Charles River. At the census of 1681, he lives in Batiscan and owns a gun and 8 " arpents" of valued land. May 17th, 1685, he is employed at the service of Antoine Trottier dit Desruisseaux for the fur trade in Michilimakinac. On August the 3rd, 1693, he purchases a farm in Sainte-Anne, from Vincent Delaniel. On July 16th, 1706 Paul Perrot loans him 150 "livres" ( pounds) to purchase his farm in Grondines. He is a farmer on the Seigneurie of Sainte-Anne on November 13th, 1707. With the accord of his wife, he give half of his land to their son Pierre. He dies and is buried in La Pérade on May 17th, 1722, Notary Public Trotain will conduct an inventory of his property on May 17th, 1727.

Signature of Pierre Richer:

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