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Richer dit Laflèche Reunion - July 1999

Thanks to everyone for responding in such large numbers to our first Richer dit Laflèche extended family reunion.

This gathering was a total success. As much for the number of people (more than 400) as for the quality and the quantity of information available on site, the souvenirs, the photo set-up, the chat, golf, the giant family tree, mass, Daniel Richer the crier, the children play groups, the buffet, the dance etc.

The genealogical information assembled during this encounter was also of great help to our genealogists Jan Laflèche and Diane Laflèche-Diotte.

Here are a few pictures from this gathering.

Interior view of Casselview Golf Club where the reunion took place

Exterior view of Casselview Golf Club

The cake

Alain Laflèche Family

Caroline Laflèche-Winder Family

Some American cousins

Plaque presentation to Jan by the organizing committee.
From left to right: André Laflèche(hidden), Suzanne Laflèche, Marcel Lamesse, Jan Laflèche, Sylvie Laflèche-Leroux, François Laflèche, Diane Diotte

Suzanne Laflèche Family

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